Community Bank Marketing success stories

Success Story #1

$266MM asset bank uses targeted zone TV and digital streaming video – Ads feature the bank’s key customers

The bank decided to let their key customers tell the story of personalized service. TheMarketZone targeted TV and streaming ads featured a large auto retailer, a college of design, and a favorite restaurant…all recognized in the community.

The campaign delivered 4,000 targeted TV commercials at a cost of $2.33 per commercial. On streaming TV, the bank ran over 115,000 commercials to targeted bank prospects.

Affordable, effective, and innovative. Bank management and the board were pleased with the results.

Success Story #2

$55MM asset bank experiences 15% increase in home equity loans through 6-month targeted multi-media campaign

Using the bank CEO who is widely recognized in the community, ad messages let everyone know that the bank “really is on your side.” In the commercial, when a customer asks “you mean there are no closing costs?”, the bank senior VP of lending coined the expression, “ZILCH!”

In the first 3 months of the zoned advertising campaign, the message ran in over 6,000 TV spots and more than one million combined impressions on streaming TV, digital animated display, and addressable video directed to qualified prospects.

After 6-months, this board-approved cost-effective campaign delivered a 15% increase in loans. The next phase of this targeted effort was focused on deposits.

Success Story #3

Key West bank emphasizes the importance of banking locally in geo-targeted campaign throughout the Keys

With many competitor banks trying to dominate the Florida Keys, this Community Bank needed to make its presence known. Once the board of directors approved the budget, on location filming began of the “we’re right here for you…in Key West ” TV commercials. Emphasis was placed on business loans and other business banking services.

Through media negotiation, a phenominal amount of 164,000 commercials dominated the bank’s prospect area, at a low cost per thousand – an innovative campaign that fit the bank’s reasonable budget. Customers and prospects alike continue to tell the bank they have seen their commercials.

An increase in business banking has occurred for the bank, and the campaign is being expanded over the next 6-months to highlight the new branch location the bank has added.

Success Story #4

Unique Ad Campaign – give out CEO’s personal cell number and achieve increasing bank net income by 33%

This $250MM in assets Community Bank achieved remarkable results through a three pronged campaign approach: