Success Story #1

Helped negotiate Definitive Agreement to sell a publicly owned bank

  • Bank Profile: 300 million in assets publicly traded savings bank with seven branches.
  • Instituted “IMPACT” Plan leading up to sale (The IMPACT plan = Profit IMProvement, Asset quality resolution, Cash generation and Talent acquisition).
  • Strategy delivered expense reduction initiatives and a reduction in work force.
  • Developed concept of Special Asset Committee to address loan quality issues.
  • Action plan of branch sale initiative to generate cash and profit.
  • Strategy resulting in increased corporate governance through establishing Compensation Committee at Holding Company level and a Lead Independent Director.

Resulting Sale of Bank

Strategy & Plan Led to Sale - helped negotiate definitive agreement to sell the bank at 1.85 times market closing price prior to announcement, and 1.12 times net book value per share.

Success Story #2

Increasing net income by 33%, $250M assets community bank

  • Bank Profile: $250 million in assets bank with 12 offices across Midwestern state.
  • Rapid Growth Strategy delivered increased bank net income by 33% in one year.
  • Designed and executed The Blueprint for Bank Strategic Plan, addressing customer and employee satisfaction levels, asset growth, and financial performance.
  • Help launch Mortgage Origination Division - new solutions and options focused on the home loan market built volume significantly on a bank strength area.
  • Developed methods to increase bank community visibility and involvement with Rotary, Kiwanis, and other organizations.

Success Story #3


Services Included:
  • Established a valuable management team of former CEOs and CFOs.
  • Instituted two-pronged superior value enhancement program for banks, from capital investment to operational improvements.
  • Developed comprehensive service offering, including: Raising capital, Bank operational enhancements, Buy-side or sell-side M&A, Asset sales & acquisitions, Corporate governance enhancements