Success Story

Helped negotiate Definitive Agreement to sell a publicly owned bank

CBIC strategic meeting
  • Bank Profile: 300 million in assets publicly traded savings bank with seven branches.
  • Instituted “IMPACT” Plan leading up to sale (The IMPACT plan = Profit IMProvement, Asset quality resolution, Cash generation and Talent acquisition).
  • Strategy delivered expense reduction initiatives and a reduction in work force.
  • Developed concept of Special Asset Committee to address loan quality issues.
  • Action plan of branch sale initiative to generate cash and profit.
  • Strategy resulting in increased corporate governance through establishing Compensation Committee at Holding Company level and a Lead Independent Director.

Resulting Sale of Bank

Strategy & Plan Led to Sale - helped negotiate definitive agreement to sell the bank at 1.85 times market closing price prior to announcement, and 1.12 times net book value per share.

Success Story

Increasing net income by 33%, $250M assets community bank

CBIC strategic meeting
  • Bank Profile: $250 million in assets bank with 12 offices across Midwestern state.
  • Rapid Growth Strategy delivered increased bank net income by 33% in one year.
  • Designed and executed The Blueprint for Bank Strategic Plan, addressing customer and employee satisfaction levels, asset growth, and financial performance.
  • Help launch Mortgage Origination Division - new solutions and options focused on the home loan market built volume significantly on a bank strength area.
  • Developed methods to increase bank community visibility and involvement with Rotary, Kiwanis, and other organizations.

Success Story


CBIC strategic meeting
Services Included:
  • Established a valuable management team of former CEOs and CFOs.
  • Instituted two-pronged superior value enhancement program for banks, from capital investment to operational improvements.
  • Developed comprehensive service offering, including: Raising capital, Bank operational enhancements, Buy-side or sell-side M&A, Asset sales & acquisitions, Corporate governance enhancements