CBIC Management Team

Mike Dektas

Nationally recognized creative leader as CEO and Managing Partner of three ad agencies specializing in bank marketing.

  • As Managing Partner of Creative Storm marketing for the past 10 years, Dektas created and implemented targeted marketing programs for new name-change branding for a community bank of $300M assets, targeted zone media programs for a regional bank of $650M assets , as well as effective marketing programs for banks in several cities.
  • As President of LSY/Dektas, Dektas led the team creating and placing targeted media for several financial clients and developed expansion marketing plans for clients to add new branch offices.
  • As President & CEO of $50 million, Dektas & Eger Inc. marketing firm, Dektas designed and implemented bank and financial targeted advertising campaigns for the launch of products and expansion of several banks throughout the midwest.

John (Jack) Kuntz

High impact proven leader as CEO of a bank technology company and two Community Banks.

  • As President & CEO of $290 million asset, American Savings Bank, Kuntz evaluated, negotiated and implemented a conversion of core and ancillary technologies, yielding 30% reduction in costs, while increasing product offerings.
  • As Chairman, President & CEO of First Franklin Corporation, Kuntz prepared the ultimate sale of the bank, through cost saving initiatives, negotiating a significant reduction in liquidated damages of early termination of the core processing contract.
  • As conversion lead for two decades, Kuntz designed, trained and implemented over 200 clients to our Intrieve CORE technology. Later, as President & CEO of Intrieve, Inc., he negotiated the sale of the company yielding a 25 times return to our original shareholders.


  • Experienced team of Community Bank CEOs and management
  • Hands-on, knowledgable CORE Processor management
  • Financial strategists with bank and other financial perspectives